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“Greater Sales Growth – Analysis – Strategy – Execution – Results”

Sales ProcessProcess Driven Growth

People often where many hats in small companies. It’s the nature of small business. However, where this can cause problems is when there are not clearly defined processes to get important things done. If one or more  employees at your company handle critical processes in a way you don’t fully know or understand, it can cause serious problems. If they get fired or quit suddenly your business isn’t functioning the way it used to. We blueprint critical processes so your business keeps moving forward.  We analyze your business and determine what critical processes are missing or need improvement. We blueprint processes that support growth, engage customers more effectively and promote smooth business operation.



Selling in the Age of Distraction

Digital Distraction

If you want to thrive and maintain profitability, you must have a Digital Strategy that consistently keeps customers engaged.  The Internet is a great information resource for customers, giving more choices and distractions than ever before.  However, seemingly endless ads and web – related distraction makes selling today far more complex than even 5 years ago.   We investigate all competitive options your customers have, and position your solutions to give you a superior competitive edge.


Embrace ChangeEmbracing Change

People fear “change”, because it’s uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there are many examples of companies that did not change with the times, and suddenly disappeared. Companies that don’t change, die a slow ugly death. The symptoms of this are often eroding market-share, unstable customer retention and increased competitive pressure. We help you understand, diagnose and reverse these symptoms, before they do irreversible damage to your business.



Measuring Sales GrowthMeasuring Growth

If you can’t measure growth then you can’t manage it. We implement and improve your existing metrics to better measure growth in real time.  We analyze your current metrics and see if you are measuring what you are trying to improve or change. Many times there are simply missing pieces and metrics that need quick adjustment and implementation. We find what is missing to measuring growth and give you a reporting system that will support your business for years to come.


Identifying the Steps to a SaleIdentifying the Steps to a Sale

How many steps does it take to complete a successful sale?  We map out exactly what happens in your sales cycle and search for waste, duplication and errors. Suddenly we know exactly what’s happening and likely preventing you from predictable growth. Are your business processes robust enough to support  your business doubling in size? If a large sale happens, does your entire company have to shift resources to meet demand? If your answer was “yes”, this is a sure sign that there are missing or broken processes that need to be strengthened quickly.  We investigate every process and how they serve your customers, and build a plan that makes your company bulletproof.


Order TakingSalesperson or Order Taker?

Order taking is no longer acceptable as a formal sales strategy.  However, you would be surprised how many sales people walk right into a sale without ever consciously driving the sales process. Imagine if every Salesperson had a formal process to prospect, engage and persuade customers.   The process driven approach drives sales much more effectively then just showing up to take the order. Sales people who are accustomerd to taking orders are rarely good at overcoming objections and persuading customers. We teach your team a defined selling process and train them to always use the process to close more business. Using this approach we readily increase  productivity and sales results.


Engaging Sales ToolsSales Tools

If you want your sales people to be more effective, you must provide them with the right sales tools. If you don’t have the right sales tools you won’t effectively engage customers. Every time you meet a customer you must tell them 3 things – who you are, why you’re there and what’s in it for the customer.  If you don’t tell a customer those 3 things quickly, then you will lose them even faster.

We create custom Sales Tools that answer these 3 questions, telling customers what they want to hear, delivering more value and make your business stand out from the competition.   We also train your team to use these tools and predictably improve your sales process and results.




LeadershipLead by Example

When you lead by example, you can get very effective and lasting results. We teach your team how to close more sales – through classroom training, role playing and in person customer interaction.  We work with your team, one-on-one and investigate what is really happening on sales calls.    We teach your team effective sales and communication strategies and help each salesperson become a valued partner to the customer.  We teach your team how to isolate and overcome objections, secure more agreement on need and how to successfully ask for the sale.  We teach your team how to capitalize on fear, uncertainty and doubt – the single biggest sales driver.  Most importantly, we show you how to incorporate these strategies into your management style and  lead your team to Greater Sales Growth.


Hire the Best TalentPeople – your most valuable resource

You’ve read it before, but your people are your most valuable resource. If you don’t have the right people engaged in the right behaviors, you never get the sales results you really want. We take a close look at your existing talent, review their strengths, weaknesses and determine the right steps and missing people your business truly needs.  We help you create and deploy a winning team and strengthen your entire talent pipeline. We have extensive experience in screening, hiring, training and existing workforce optimization.

“Greater Sales Growth – Analysis – Strategy – Execution – Results”