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Lessons in Leadership – The Key to Unlimited Business Growth

Unlocking your company’s true sales potential has a direct relationship to identifying the inhibiting factors to success. Inevitably this always leads me toward the subject of leadership. So much so, that I was inspired and compelled to write a series on leadership. In this series I identify those factors that senior leaders can do daily. I help leaders become effective leaders than bosses, leading your people and companies to great success!

When inspiration hit me on this fascinating subject – I sat down wrote down every possible factor or lesson in leadership that I’ve learned over the last 27 years. I came up with a staggering 175 factors or things that all of us should be thinking about and make use of.

Lessons in leadership is the secret sauce and mojo factor that every leader must know and demonstrate to unlock unlimited sales growth. I can craft strategies, marketing programs, sales tools, business plans, metrics and train your people. However, when it comes to when it comes to leadership, it’s all up to you. You have to change your day, what you focus on and where you spend time. If you focus on what makes you frustrated, instead of what you desire you will manifest more of what you don’t want. I have seen this so many times. If you take even 10 minutes a day to wrap your head around this notion and take action, your company will grow more than you could ever imagine.

Are you a boss or are you a leader? And is it possible to be both? If you really start to think about the difference between a boss and a leader the lines really do become blurred because they’re more times that were forced being boss then reminded to be a leader.

The daily grind of commitments Appointments deadlines and urgency forces us to be very goal and activity oriented, hence you’re always the boss. You’re the boss of yourself in many cases the boss of others. Particularly in our fast-paced demanding results oriented business world we are not reminded to flex our leadership skills. But remember this – Leaders are admired and Bosses are hated.

In my consulting practice I help companies get out of their own way, incubating opportunities for predictable growth. The real enemies of any business often stems from a lack of leadership behavior.

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