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At every company there are always Lessons in Leadership – Don’t get arrested for killing your boss / employees. The first thing clients they tell me is the problems going on in their company. They immediately tell me frustrations around poor sales results. When you see the emotions associated with these frustrations, you can see, at times they want to just kill their people. They’re angry due to a lack of results and / or a lack of respect. Unfortunately, when speaking to their employees, there too you can see the very same anger and frustration as well as fear. Showing anger is not an effective way to get your people to produce and do more, let alone see your vision, if you have one.

All the employee sees is a very angry boss who is clearly pissed off. No one wants to piss off the Boss. In fact, unbeknownst to you, your employees will go to great lengths to avoid you and circumstances where they could piss you off. It’s kind of like when you burned your hand on the stove as a child. You learned very quickly that if touch something that is very hot this means pain. We want to avoid the pain and now as an adult you don’t even have to think about it. In a split second you learn that similar lesson. If you are getting angry at your people, you are possibly teaching them a lesson is pain that they will avoid at all costs. What lessons are you unintentionally teaching your people when you’re angry?

Human nature works like this – we do not like to be around angry people. We much rather be around people who are friendly, happy and positive. Take Personal Inventory. Make a list of all the things your people do that really make you angry. Make another list of the times in the last year that you were angry at them and likely showed your anger in a meeting or memo. You may have a secondary issue – that your people are scared of you. If this is the case then your associates associate more negatives around your leadership style than positives. If this is going on at your company it can be very hard to break that negative pattern.

You must change!
If you want your people to change, then you too must change. Start with how you feel. If you start showing positive situations where your people get a taste of feeling good in your presence and do it often, you will start being a leader and less a boss. Every leader has to be a boss at times, but if you can be perceived more as a leader your people will follow you a whole lot more. Like it or not this is actually a very common problem. There are more bosses who are more comfortable controlling their people using anger and fear then being leaders.

Effective Leaders = Effective Teams
If you want your people to be more effective you need to be a more effective leader. Stop being a boss. I show CEO’s how to break down what’s really happening in their day, observing their communication styles and their energy level. I take real examples in their interactions with their people, group meetings and one on one with associates. Take a step back for a moment, remove the emotion, and give employees a reason to help your company to succeed. This is actually more important for the CEO to do than implementing any new sales tool or marketing program. If you can address and fix this, your company will be unstoppable in sales growth! If your sales have stalled or stagnated, and you just can’t breakthrough to double digit growth – it is very likely you got some of these problems.

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