Open Season - Competition

Open Season on the Competition

Is there a Science to Salesmanship? I think so. I have spent the last 27 years studying it. I love the topic of competition, because it helps me reinforce many things that I learned over the years. Some of these lessons inevitably come to us the hard way. However, today I approach things differently and know that my competition is always beatable. My hope in this article is to share some insights and strategies that work for me, and help you and your company beat the competition more effectively no matter what!


To be unbeatable you have to project a force of professional confidence and invincibility. You must believe that you’re invincible 100% of the time. I have done this for so long, that I know in my heart that I am unbeatable. There is no question in my mind that I am the best at what I do. Furthermore it’s part of the professional image I want to project every day. Every time the competition comes lurking in my neck of the woods – good luck to him / her as they will never figure me out or see me coming. So how do I do this?

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